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5 tips on how to achieve a Modern Traditional Interior Style.

By :Patrick Sherlock 0 comments
5 tips on how to achieve a Modern Traditional Interior Style.


How do we achieve a Modern Traditional style? Well, in order to do that we have to understand what traditional is?

It’s a vast style and there’s lots that go into it. Of the three major categories traditional, transitional and contemporary, traditional is by far the one with the most style items because it includes pretty much every piece of furniture style that you can think of since the beginning of time and back up towards the Industrial Revolution!

Holy Moly! It includes EVERYTHING!!! Victorian, Edwardian, etc. It’s a super category and there’s lots to think about.

Most of us would normally think this style to be like our Grannies house. They’d normally have items that were 18th, 19th century pieces that drifted in from around Europe with a few others that had the odd gold accent on them. These normally came from China, Japan and India, places that would have seemed alluring and looked, well, let’s be honest, more than slightly bizarre or as Grannie would say “Fancy!”

Ah Grannie, you little nutball you. Ha!




Traditional always expressed homey family-based living but it had a stiff upper lip so it was never relaxed. Within this style you’d always see symmetry. Pairs of things were really important, you’d never see one of any featured item, there was always a matching element. 

In the old traditional style, dark wood was everywhere in a room. Even the walls were panelled in dark wood. Fabrics were heavy, colourful and extremely flamboyant with lots of decorative elements like frills, moulding and trim. The palette although colourful was mostly dark and warm. Peachy warm cream tones featured a lot. The furniture was extremely large scale and heavily detailed and ornate.



It’s an upbeat version of old traditional but with a calmer, softer and family central vibe. It still has all the familiar elements of traditional but just more sophisticated. It combines all the same elements of symmetry, order and layout. It just feels newer, happier and fresher.






Modern Traditional interior style is lighter and brighter than the old traditional style so, keep your palette light and neutral. Colours are normally off whites, whites, creams, greys and soft blues. Pattern wallpaper is used as well but it is definitely calmer and less in your face.



Wood floors are a staple of this trend except the wood colour is lighter. What is similar to the old traditional style are the patterns in the flooring like chevron, herringbone, parquet etc. Skirting boards feature as well but with a few more accents so, less plain than the modern interior. Moulding and panelling also feature strongly but keep them light and bright.



Curtains are used but in softer tones with a little trim at times. They are styled in traditional drapery formats. You may even see Roman blinds used in places. Silks, linen, and soft check patterns work well.



Ordered layouts are a staple in achieving this style. Items are in pairs and there is always harmony and balance within a room, meaning even shapes. So, think of it in terms of what you do to one side of the room you must do on the other side.



These items are romantic with soft fabrics, ruffles, fringe and trims. Wood is stained and can be dark or very light painted white wood. There’s room to play a little here with furniture but the general rule is, no one item should overtake from another.

Here are a few traditional furniture items that will help you achieve this look.


 As always, enjoy and have fun designing your space.

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