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Christmas is a fun time of year but it can also be very stressful. Particularly if you are hosting a lot of family and friends.

You might find there’s more misery than merry at times, that’s because we have this fantasy of what the perfect Christmas is “supposed” to look like. First things first, clear that out of your mind from now and just know that it will be perfect for you and your family so long as you remind yourself that it’s only about being together and relaxing. That’s it, no more and no less.

Get that holiday movie out of your head and if things change last minute, so what, let it go. Let’s be honest the last few years have been very strange and unfortunately it looks set to continue for a little longer with restrictions etc. Make a promise to yourself and your loved ones that nothing will rock your Christmas break for the bad, nothing is ever really a problem, there’s always a solution. If you have to Zoom Christmas dinner or deliver it to someone’s door because they have a positive Covid test back. So, what! It’ll be a really funny story in years to come. The important thing is everyone stays safe and happy.


Here are some practical tips you help you have a loving, fun and happy Christmas break.



Like I mentioned above, sit down and really think about what you are hoping to create from the holiday break? It might even be an idea to get the whole family involved and set an intention and hope for the year ahead. It’s always lovely to hear what actually means the most to those around you and it’s a nice idea to reflex on what you are already grateful for. Particularly before Santa arrives and the excitement is too much to sit still.



Make a plan for what has to happen and when. This is great because there will always be last minute invites and sometimes, we can say yes to everything and later feel very overwhelmed and stressed because of it.

Having a schedule means you can prioritise what was and is important to you and it makes it easier to say no to last minute engagements. No one can do and have it all, all at once. If commitments come up that don’t fit with the priorities you’ve set for your holiday break, feel free to say, thank you, but no.



When you are scheduling in some time, make sure you schedule in time for yourself too. It’s really important because if you’re happy your family will be happy. There is normally so much to organise for others with family arriving and the hustle of dinner, bedtimes and organising food and drink for Santa and his reindeers the night before Christmas. It’s a lot and parents are normally up pretty late and up very early so Christmas day can be very long and extremely tiring.

When you think about it, if you fall asleep in the middle of Christmas day because you’re exhausted what was all of the work really for if you end up missing it anyway?

Schedule time for yourself like a hot bath, a cup of tea and quiet sit down in the kitchen or bring the dog for a walk alone. You will feel recharged and ready for the craziness.



When planning Christmas dinner, aim to prepare what you can ahead of time. Vegetables should be cut and washed and meat should be cooked or almost done so that it can be left alone on a low heat in the oven or slow cooker.

That way, once guests arrive, you can actually spend time with them and you don’t have worry about putting the finishing touches on them because honestly, no one cares!



Asking for help is something a lot of people forget to do. Particularly, if you are hosting others at your home. Get everyone involved including the kids. Either by cleaning up after dinner or perhaps guests could bring dessert or a salad for the sandwiches later in the day.

You are not a character in a Marvel movie you don’t need to be a superhero, let everyone help out and then you and your family can have a good Christmas.



The best memories always happen when we allow ourselves to be completely present. We don’t tend to remember the beautifully decorated table or the perfect meal, but we remember how we felt. If the last few years have thought us anything, it’s that things can change in the blink of and eye. So stop, look around and notice what is happening.

If you think you might need a reminder to be present, set an alarm on your phone that reminds you to look around and immerse yourself in what’s happening. Just sit back and look at the way the kids are playing, or the way your parents are sitting together and smiling.  

Really, pay, attention, to those things. You’ll be so thankful you did in years to come, I promise.

As always, enjoy, and from our family to yours, may you have a Merry Christmas and a very happy and healthy New Year.

Love the Beechmount Furniture Team.

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